SOAR- Hygiene Kit

Dignity. Empowerment. Freedom. Helping young girls& women to soar above their circumstances.

A lack of hygiene products force young woman out of school, work and daily life for five days every month. These girls have no choice, but to resort to whatever means are available; dirty rags, tree leaves, corn cobs, bark, newspaper or animals skins. In some developing countries, 30% of high school girls drop out of school because of this challenge. And, for working women, 24% miss 45 days of work annually because of their menstrual cycle. IT IS DEVASTATING. Being forced out of school and work leaves these young women vulnerable. Vessels “SOAR” project is an incredible solution! Through the production of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, each woman has the supplies she needs for up to three years. Over three years, that is an extra 8-9 months of education, income and freedom! Join us in helping these women regain their lives and future! Sponsor a young woman today and help them SOAR! A $15 gift will provide a young woman with a kit. (sponsorship can include but is not limited to helping cover the cost of administering the program, underwear, purchase of soap in the country we serve, and cost of transportation to the International field service area.)


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