Gift of Sight – one pair of prescription glasses

Can you imagine trying to function daily through life without eyesight? Go ahead…close your eyes for a moment to get a better understanding. Okay…you gave it a minute, but imagine living in a blur or in darkness for years or for a lifetime. One thing you couldn’t do would be read e-mail, the newspaper, road signs, or perform many simple tasks required to carry out certain jobs or tasks of everyday life.

Our Vision Care teams can give the gift of eyesight by providing simple vision screenings. And to those who need glasses, we provided them with their own new pair. The cost is surprisingly low. Hundreds have been helped, but thousands still suffer with poor eye care. Most of all, people need to see their Savior, through the love shown by those who minister to them. Would you help us extend the mercy and compassion of Christ through giving the gift of sight?



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