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Disaster Relief Responses

Beginning disaster relief response in 1985, Bev Gibson and Vessels of Mercy International, Inc. has provided relief to millions of victims locally, nationally and internationally.


Response Areas Included:

Tornado Relief

Moore, Oklahoma

Hurricaine Sandy

Brigantine, NJ

Earthquake Relief

  • Haiti
  • Japan


Hurricane Relief

  • Virginia


Tornado Relief

  • Joplin, Missouri

Flood Relief

  • Pakistan
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Clarksville, Tennessee


Tornado Relief

  • Norman, Oklahoma
  • Jackson, Mississippi


Earthquake Relief

  • Haiti

Earthquake Relief

  • Central America/Honduras


Flood Relief

  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Gilbert, West Virginia

Cyclone Relief

  • Myanmar (Burma), Southeast Asia


Tornado Relief

  • Suffolk, Virginia


Flood Relief

  • Indiana and Iowa


Refugee Relief and/or Assistance

  • Sudan
  • Kenya

Tornado Relief

  • Americus, GA


Gulf Cost Relief

  • New Orleans (Relief, Recovery, & Rebuilding)


Earthquake Relief

  • Pisco, Peru


Hurricane Dean Relief

  • Chetumal, Mexico


Refugee Relief

  • Sudan
  • Gulf Coast Relief, Recovery and Rebuilding
  • Tsunami Relief and Rebuilding
  • Sudan Famine Relief


Gulf Coast Recovery

  • Hurricane Katrina


Earthquake Relief

  • Pakistan


Famine Relief

  • Niger, West Africa
  • Sudan


Tsunami Relief

  • South Asia


Earthquake Relief (Medical Supplies)

  • Bam, Iraq


Hurricane Relief

  • Punta Gorda, Florida (Hurricane Charley)
  • Virginia (Hurricane Gaston)
  • Haiti (Hurricane Jeanne)

Hurricane Relief

  • Virginia (Hurricane Isabel)
  • Iraq (supplies)
  • Flooding in West Virginia
  • Tornado’s in Wartburg – Tennessee
  • Southeastern African famine victims – Sudan
  • Flooding in West Virginia
  • Hurricane and Flooding in Texas
  • 9/11 New York City and Pentagon – terrorist attacks
  • Relief after the Monsoons/Flooding in Mozambique

1999: Earthquake in Turkey * Refugees fleeing war in Kosovo * Hurricane Floyd –Virginia, West Virginia & North Carolina

1998: Hurricane Mitch —Honduras

1997:  Flooding in West Virginia * Tornado in North Carolina

1996: Hurricane Opal

1994: Assisted Refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing in Rwanda

1992: Hurricane Andrew in Florida

1991: Typhoon in Bangladesh * Relief to the victims of war in Cambodia

1987: Famine Relief in Ethiopia and Somalia

1985: Relief to the Refugees in Thailand, Cambodia


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